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Here's what some of our patients are saying...


Best pediatrician in the South Bay 5-30-16

We love Dr. Sergis. She is such a warm, caring doctor. She is very thorough and is detailed in her communication. She takes her time and makes sure all of our questions and concerns are addressed. Her bed side manner is excellent and as a result, my children are always happy to see her and cooperate really well.

Jody M.


Amazing amazing amazing doctor!!!

My 6 yr old kid absolutely loves her. He had fallen off his bike and got 4 stiches. She helped my son take out stiches so easily. Best thing about her is the communication with children during examination and check ups. We love visiting her, all the nurses are great too, friendly and easy to talk too.

Avani S.


Dr. Sergis is a wonderful pediatrician: attentive, knowledgeable, and very caring. Our baby LOVES her! She's got a very calming presence. She's also a sage regarding preemies and their special development schedules (many nurses working in the NICU mentioned that they took their children to her--that's when you know someone's quality!). When we learned our baby had a heart condition, she got in touch with our baby's cardiologist and really explained it thoroughly for us, giving us ample time to ask questions. She NEVER makes you feel rushed. In terms of requests, referrals, or doctor's notes, she's very speedy and proactive.  Awesome!

Rem E.



Dr Sergis has been my boys' (ages 8 and 3) pediatrician. We totally trust her and is highly recommended! She is very caring and compassionate to my boys.

Jen B.



Dr. Sergis was recommended to me by my Ob. She has been there for my baby every step of the way since birth. She is patient, compassionate, and genuinely loves the babies & kids. She gives expert advice that works every time.  I couldn't have gotten luckier with a pediatrician!

Suzanne W.



"Dr. Sergis is awesome!!! We have been seeing Dr. Sergis since our daughter was born almost 9 years ago. She was a 2 pound preemie and spent 3 months in the NICU. We don't know what we would have done without Dr. Sergis! She is always available to see our daughter and was on top of every test result and referral. She listens and really spends quality time with each of her patients and their parents. She is kind, compassionate and loving. She is smart and knowledgeable. She is tender hearted and has a real love for every child. Her staff was always so friendly and helpful. My daughter loves going into in her office and says "Dr. Sergis rocks". I agree, we LOVE her!!!!"


April 24, 2013


"We totally love, love Dr. Sergis.  When she was on maternity leave with her 2 kids, the rest of the physicians in the practice were all knowledgeable and helpful.  But, we were so glad when she came back, because our kids are so comfortable with her, and she is very soft spoken and friendly.  I wanted to have more kids, just so we can keep seeing her."


May 5, 2010


"everytime i call in for advice or need an appointment i never have a problem. i never have a problem obtaining a same day appointment either."

June 24, 2011


"I am so impressed with dr. Sergis!  She never seems rushed and is so great with my son.  She listens to all of my concerns and even genuinely wants to know how I am doing.  I wish she took adult patients!  I really appreciate that she does not push prescriptions.  My has yet to take a prescription med at 28 months.  I have many friends of little one that are on something everytime they cough."

Kim J.

March 4, 2011